Note: References to Reg numbers are to Part 5 of Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

 1. The Bere Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan area

Official Designation

2. Questionnaire

Questionnaire document

Detailed Questionnaire Results - interactive document

A Brief Guide to Key Results

Results Summary with Graphics

Free Text Responses

3. First Public Consultation

Responses (verbatim List)


Responses (sorted list)

4. Plan Documents for Second Public Consultation (Reg 14: pre-submission)

THE PLAN: Volume 1




APPENDIX: Volume 2

5. Documents prepared for submission (Reg 15)

                 Bere Ferrers Parish Map                

                 Development Sites Proposals Map

                 Statement of Consultation 

                 Neighbourhood Plan Volume 1 Examination Version (PDF 1.3MB)

                 Neighbourhood Plan Volume 2 (Appendix) Examination Version (PDF 2.1MB)

                 Basic Conditions Statement

                 SEA report (Strategic Environmental Assessment)

                 HRA Screening Report

6. WDBC Consultation (Reg 16)

         Public Notice 

                 Reg 16 Responses

7. Independent Examination (Reg 17/18)

                 Examiner's Report

8. WDBC Decision (Reg 19)

                 Referendum Decision Statement 

9. Referendum

                 THE PLAN: Volume 1 FINAL (PDF 4.8MB)

                 THE PLAN: Volume 2 FINAL (PDF 4.7MB)

         WDBC Notices

         17th Aug 2018 Information Statement & Information for Voters

         22nd Aug 2018 Notice of Referendum

         10th Sept 2018 Notice of Poll and situation of Voting Stations

         28th Sept 2028 Referendum - Formal Declaration of Result of Poll



General Publicity Activities 2010 - 2018

                 Bere Link (Parish Magazine) Articles

                 Tavistock Times Gazette Articles

                 Moor Links Article

                 Photographs of Engagement Events & Activities 1

                 Photographs of Engagement Events & Activities 2

                 Photograph - Referendum Publicity Launch with BATS