We are carrying out a stepwise process:-


1. CONSULT residents by a QUESTIONNAIRE on Community Facilities & Services, Environment, Housing, Transport       and  Employment/Economy
2. ANALYSE the results
3. Present the results at A FIRST PUBLIC CONSULTATION for further feedback
4. Prepare a DRAFT PLAN
5. Present the draft plan at a SECOND PUBLIC CONSULTATION
7. Present the Plan for OFFICIAL EXAMINATION
8. Seek final approval of residents by a formal PUBLIC REFERENDUM
9. PLAN ADOPTION by West Devon Borough Council

# Please go to the TIMELINE page for details of our work programme #

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Explanatory note: When the Group started work in 2011, our objective was a COMMUNITY PLAN and all the documentation and publicity up to and including the QUESTIONNAIRE was done with a COMMUNITY PLAN label. When the Localism Act became law in 2012, our objective was changed to a NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN to take advantage of the enhanced weight and legal status this would bring. Accordingly, we changed all our documentation and publicity labels to NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN during 2014. All the work that we did for a Community Plan is relevant to a Neighbourhood Plan.