Team Meetings Minutes
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Jan   12th   30th   21st 27th 4th 18th
Feb   16th   27th   25th 24th 15th  
Mar 10th 28th 27th 12th 26th 25th 23rd 1st 22nd  
Apr 28th 13th 11th 17th 30th 29th 27th 26th  
May   25th 9th  15th, 29th   27th 18th 24th  
June   22nd 13th 12th 4th 24th 22nd 21st  
July 27th 11th 3rd, 24th 2nd 29th 22nd 27th 19th  
Aug             31st   1st 15th 29th
Sept 8th 28th 12th 4th19th 3rd 24th 30th 28th        27th
Oct 14th 19th 17th 9th,  21st 12th  26th 4th  
Nov   23rd 21st 6th 12th 4th 16th 8th  
Dec 1st   5th   10th 2nd 8th 14th    

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